Bilal ibn Rabah was an Ethiopian born in Mecca in the late 6th century. He was known for his beautiful voice. Prophet Muhammad chose Bilal as his muezzin, i.e. the one who called the people to their prayers.

The Adhaan (or azaan) is the call to prayer.

Here is the Adhaan from the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

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الله اكبر
Allah Hu Akbar
God is Great

اشهد ان لا اله الا الله
Ash Hadu An La Ilaha Ill Lal Lah
I bear witness that there is no God but Allah

اشهد ان محمدا رسول الله
Ash Hadu An Na Muhammad Ar Rasoolul Lah
I bear witness that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah

حي على الصلاة
Hayya Al Las Salah
Hasten towards prayer

حي على الفلاح
Hayya Al Lal Falah
Hasten towards well-being

الصلاة خير من النوم
Hayya Ala Khairil Amal
Hasten towards the best of action

الله اكبر
Allah Hu Akbar
Allah is Great

لا اله الا الله
La Ilaha Ill Lal Lah
There is no God except Allah

Hear / download Adhaans from various parts of the world here.

Here is the Adhaan by Hafiz Mustafa Özcan of Turkey.


Anonymous said...

there is a little mistake in translation from arabic to english.
where in english (and arabic transcription) is written : hasten toward the best action (it is probably shi´ite supplement to ezzan) in original arabic letters I read : AS-Salátu chajru min An -naum
that means Prayer is better than sleep!
it is one sentence of Ezzan which muazzin calls only in the morning.

rama said...