Pandit DV Paluskar

Pandit DV Paluskar (1921-55) was a renowned Hindusthani (i.e. north Indian) classical singer, with a voice like flowing honey.

Paluskar also lent his voice to many bhajans, and thus served to immortalise these age-old devotional expressions.

Here is Tulsidas' Thumak Chalat Ramachandra, given melody to by Paluskar. It expresses the joy and love of Lord Rama's mother, Kausalya, for her little child.

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thumak chalat raamachandra
thumak chalat raamachandra
baajat painjaniyaan

kilaki kilaki uthat dhaay girat bhuumi latapataay
dhaay maat god let dasharath kii raniyaan

aanchal raj ang jhaari vividh bhaanti so dulaari
tan man dhan vaari vaari kahat mridu bachaniyaan

vidrum se arun adhar bolat mukh madhur madhur
subhag naasikaa men chaaru latakat latakaniyaan

tulasiidaas ati anand dekh ke mukhaaravind
raghuvar chhabi ke samaan raghuvar chhabi baniyaan

Here's is Pandit DV Paluskar singing Jab Janakinath Sahay Karen, another song in praise of Lord Rama.

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Here are some more outstanding bhajans sung by Paluskar.

Chalo man ganga jamuna teer, by Meerabai "Come O mind, let's go to the holy banks of the Ganga and Yamuna"

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Payo ji maine ram ratan, by Meerabai - "I have found the wealth of the Rama gem"

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meena said...

i really liked how i can know about all these bhajans on your blogs..but could you please try and open up the option of downloading them instead of listening online?
thanks a lot.

Sudeep said...

Reply to Meena: Use a software called orbitz downloader...its a complicateed process, but worth it.

Garima said...

Would it be possible to get the lyrics of Jab Janakinath Sahay?

Anonymous said...

For Meena:
. जानकीनाथ सहाय करे जब, कौन बिगाड़ करे नर तेरो
. सूरज मंगल सोम भृगुसुत बुध अरु गुरु वरदायक तेरो
राहू केतु की नाहीं दम्यता संग शनीचर होत उचेरो
. दुष्ट दुशासन निबल द्रौपदी चीर उतार कु-मंतर फेरो
जाकी सहाय करे करुनानिधि बढ़ गए चीर के मान घनेरो

shyama said...

Please post a translation for Janski Nath - thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi! bhajans are very nice Please Give Some Bengali Bhajans also.
Please can i have "Bhabo sagaro karano karano hai,ravi nandana ......"

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous:

Please visit Google or youtube and search with the Keyword "Bhabasagara". You will get more than one items.


Arpita said...

Hi...Can someone post the translation of the bhajan "jab janaki nath"

I don't understand the meaning of the paragraphs.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Here is a rough translation of the lyrics of Jab Janaki Nath, posted by others:

When Janaki's Lord (=Lord Rama) helps you, who can harm you?

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter (etc. other planets are listed) grant your boons. Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn (the baleful planets) are defeated and cannot oppress you.

Evil Duhshaasan tried to dishonor Draupadi, by disrobing her. The merciful Lord helped her, her robes and honor were endlessly extended.

It is difficult to translate poetic idioms, but this is the gist

Srikanth KR said...

I was looking for a Bhimsen Joshi rendering and chanced up on this awesome resource. I find I am unable to play the numbers when I click on a song on the list of 141 or so songs. Please look in to this. Thanks in advance. Srikanth.