The Bauls are wandering minstrels of Bengal. They include Muslims and Hindus, and among the latter, Vaishnavs and Tantriks. And they are also non-denominational, singing of the heart’s yearning for the unitive state.

The songs of Fakir Lalon Shah and Hason Raja are among the most well-known Baul songs.

Baul songs have been declared "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

Here is the song Keno piriti baraila re bondhu, sung by Baul Prodip Kumar & London Underground. The song is by the great Baul musician, Shah Abdul Karim.

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Keno piriti baraila re bondhu, chherey jaiba jodi?

Why did you extend love to me O dear friend, if you had to leave me and go?

Here’s the great sitar player, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee playing a Baul dhun (melody).

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Here is Paban Das Baul performing Dil Ki Doya ("Do you have mercy in your heart"), with Sam Mills.

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Jai Uttal’s album Beggars and Saints is his personal tribute to the Bauls of Bengal, and their instrument, the dotara (meaning 2-strings). This album can be accessed here. Menoka (song no. 7) is a Baul tantrik song, very attractively rendered by Jai. Its lyrics, in Bangla, are available here. Beggars and Saints (no. 8) is also a beautiful melody.

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