Raghuvamsa Sudhambudhi

A Sanskrit song composed by Patnam Subramanya Aiyyar, in raga Katana Kutoohalam, in praise of Lord Rama.

This song forms part of the repertoire of every student and practitioner of Carnatic music.

My grandfather had been a founder of a south Indian cultural association in Calcutta. Thus from an early age, I had the opportunity to attend and hear some of the great vocal and instrumental artists. I was very attracted by Raghuvamsa Sudhambudhi and always waited to hear this.

Here is MS Subbulakshmi singing the song.

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raghuvamsha sudhAmbudhi candra shrI rAma rAaa rAjEshvara

agha mEgha mAruta shrIkara asurEsha mrgEndra vara jagannAtha

sa, re ma ga, re sa re, pa ma ga, dha ni ga, ga pa Sa, Sa ni dha pa
ma ga pa ma ga re
sa re re ma ma dha dha ni ga pa pa Sa Sa Re Re Ma Ma Ga Ga Re Re Sa Sa ni ni dha
dha pa pa ma ga re

jamadagnija garva khaNDana jaya rudrAdi vismita bhaNDana
kamalAp-tAnvaya maNDana agaNita arputa shurya shrI venkatEshvara

bhrgunandanA kavibhanjanA brndArakA brndAhitA
nigamAntava su-budhAvanA nIrajAkSa shrI venkaTEshvara

The notations (in Tamil) are accessible through here.

Here's the song played on the chitraveena (gottuvadyam) by Ravikiran.

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On the flute.

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And rendered on the nadaswaram, my favourite-st instrument, by the celebrated Sheikh Chinna Moulana.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Thanks for the post. Can you get me the swara notation for the song.

I recall hearing this song first when I was 10( now 76!)


Anonymous said...

Im actually learning carnatic music now. Im 16 and this is the most fun song ive listned to thankyou ^^

SKS said...

Can you post the swaras/notation for the song...