God's Love

Shree posted a comment on this blog requesting that the Malayalam song Daiva Sneham be put up. Thank you Shree for your interest, I am happy to comply!

This is a popular Christian devotional song. Here's the song, sung by Maneesha. The music is composed by Tomin J Thachankari.

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"Can God's Love be expressed in mere words?..."

Here's Yesudas singing the same song.

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Daiva sneham varnicheedaan vaakkukal poraa
Nanni cholli theerkkuvaanee jeevitham poraa
Kashtappadin kaalangalil rakshikkunna snehamorthaal
Etra sthuthichaalum mathi varumo?

Swanthamaayi onnumilla sarvathum nin dhaanam
Swasthamaayi urangeedaan sambathil mayangaathe
Mannin soubhaagyam nedaanaayalum
Aaathmam nashtamaayal phalamevide?

Swapnagal polinjaalum dhukathaal valanjaalum
Mitrangal akannalum shatrukkal nirannaalum
Rakshaa kavacham nee maaarathennalum
Angen munpe poyaal bhayam evide?

Here's a translation, courtesy Anu.

To describe divine love, not enough any words that shine
To express all gratitude, not enough this life of mine
O love that protects in times of burdens dreadful
Is any measure of praise to thee ever enough?

Nothing can I can mine, all I have are gifts of thine
To sleep in peace, unfazed by wealth, is mighty fine
In winning the fortunes of this world, however
If the soul is lost, is there gain ever?

When dreams perish and sorrows abound
When friends are lost and enemies surround
Thou art my shield, unchanging, forever
When thou walketh before me, why fear ever?

Finally, here's a YouTube clip of Balan singing Daiva Sneham.

Photo: Mount Ishizuchi, by Kazuaki Okuda.

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ebinhabeeb said...

do you have the song halleluyah halleluyah sung by MG sreekumar in the same volume mochanam?
plz share