Rama Raghava, Krishna Keshava

Rama Raghava, Rama Raghava, Rama Raghava rakshamam
Krishna Keshava, Krishna Keshava, Krishna Keshava pahimam

This is a chant associated with Sri Chaitanya, and a common expression of folk devotion in India.

Rama and Krishna are both names of Vishnu, the preserver of the entire Universe.

Vishnu means "all-pervading". He incarnates on earth when unrighteousness abounds.

Rama means the blissful or delightful one. Krishna means black or dark-coloured. Krishna's complexion was believed to be dark, like the most beautiful clouds full of rain. Krishna is full of sacred grace and blessings and He is always ready to shower this auspicious energy on His true devotees.

Raghava is another name of Rama, referring to his Raghu clan.

Keshava is another name of Krishna, which means the One with beautiful hair. Krishna attracts the attention by His divine beauty. This beauty comes from within, as He is perfection incarnate. His hair is most beautiful and frames His lovely face. Concentrating on this sweet form of the Lord, the mind is turned away from maya, or illusion, and becomes engrossed in divine beauty and splendour.

Rakshamam means: you are my protection.

Pahimam means: I offer myself completely to you, now I am no longer mine, I am Yours.

Jai Uttal is one of the most gifted, original and brilliant contemporary musicians. Here is the Rama-Krishna chant sung by him.

Hear the album Beggars and Saints by Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the explanation of this sacred song! Love from Mirjam, disciple of Maitreya the World Teacher in Transmission Meditation, owner of B&B Oasis in Millen, Belgium, Europe.

Prahlad Lal Jain said...

This Bhajan was Composed by Pandit Damodar Shastri as I heard from Shri Murari Bapu in a recent discourse at Kolkata.
Shri Murari Bapu is a well known saint & have written many books.

Prahlad Lal Jain