Nagumomu Ganaleni

Thyagaraja was a legendary mystic, poet-composer and saint of south India. He composed innumerable songs expressing his love and yearning for his Lord Rama. His work forms a pillar of Carnatic music.

Here is is his song Nagumomu Ganaleni, in Telugu, set in raga Aabheri, sung by KJ Yesudas.

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nagumOmu ganalEni nAjAli telisi nanu brOvaga rAdA shrI raghuvara nI

nagarAjadhara nIdu paraivAra lella ogibOdhana jEsE vAralu gArE yiTu luNDudure

khagarAju nI yAnati vini vEga canalEdO gaganAni kilaku bahu dUrambaninAdO
jagamEle paramAtma evaritO moraliDudu vaga jUpaku tALanu nannElukOra tyAgarAjanuta nI

In translation:

O Rama! Supreme among Raghus! Missing your charming smile-lit face I languish here. Knowing my mental plight, cant you come and protect me?

O One who holds Govardhana hill! Members of your retinue who have the duty of reminding you of your daily engagements cannot fail in their duty.

Does not Garuda execute your commands expeditiously? Could he have excused himself saying that he was staying far from the earth in Vaikunta, your heavenly abode ? Exalted Lord! Ruler of the Universe! Whom else can I appeal to? Please shun disregard. I cant bear it. Take me into your fold.

Here's the same song rendered by Sushila Raman.

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apsara said...

Brilliant juxtaposition of Yesudas' concert performance against Sushila Raman's slow and gentle rendition with guitar.

My Thoughts...My Views said...

Man Its Awsome to find all the great collection here! Appreciate it and keep adding such wonderful, invaluable kirtanas/songs...

Anonymous said...

i love this songs .what a wonderful song.thank to thyagaraja

Raghu said...

Nice post