Hey Ram, Hey Ram

A beautiful bhajan sung by Jagjit Singh.

Oh Ram
May your name be adorned in the world

Its you who's mother, you are father
Its you who's Radha's Shyam

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hey ram, hey ram
jag mein sajo tero naam

tu hi mata, tu hi pita hai
tu hi to hai radha ka shyam

tu antaryami sabaka swami
tere charano me chaaro dham

tu hi bigadey tu hi sanvare
is jaga ke saray kaam

tuhi jag data vishwavidhadata
tuhi subah tu hi shyam

jag mein sajo tero naam
hey ram, hey ram


Anonymous said...

love love love this song........ so soothing

Anonymous said...

Gr8 song..Used to listen daily but not working since last two days :(!

nipunj85 said...

A song which touches your heart ...which makes u feel something different..Ram ... there is only one truth i.e Ram ..even when a person die what we recall is Ram.
Her ram

Manisha said...

Very Grt Song /Mantra,I felt very peaseful when i listen it

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing this song in 2003 in some other voice than Jagjit singh, which was just perfect for this song.. if anyone has more info pl share. i am searching for that song for a long time..-Tushar